Sunday, July 25, 2004

Their Gift to our Future

By Kirwan

So nice that we’ve all been treated to this little chat about the events of September 11, 2001. It was amazing to learn that the point and purpose of this exhaustive 20 plus months of “investigation” was undertaken, NOT to place blame, but to give a gift to the future. “The Gift” was to have been an analysis of what went wrong, so that “it would never happen again.” How nice.

The heads of the commission were determined, that above all, this inquiry was not to be a partisan affair, in any way. No one was charged with inaction, dereliction of duty, failure to perform, or any of the more serious charges that could have been leveled against those who are responsible for the deaths of all those people on that day. But, in the trite language of the chairman, “that would not have been productive – in fact that would have unleashed a firestorm, that would have overwhelmed the government.”

Quite so Mr. Chairman – why do you think they called this the 911 Commission, it was to have been your task to lay blame, to level charges and to get to the bottom of this mud bath. The commission for its part wanted to insure that such a thing “never happens again.” you said. However with the same people and same policies in place – of course it will happen again, only bigger next time.

What this commission essentially has told this nation is that our government, that behemoth that takes half of everything most people make every year – is useless, and is not capable of managing anything. What the Commission has said of this affair is that government employees are as dumb as doorposts, and are, as a rule, too stupid to figure out how to avoid having Americans blown off the face of the earth. Also implied but not stated is the fact that the nation is really just too big to be governable, and therefore no government personal can be held responsible for the failings that led to 9-11.

Now that we’ve had the NO blame section of the investigation, when will we get to that portion of this that will deal with pointing fingers leveling charges and holding trials?

Think of it this way. The events of that day were not an act of nature. The president has constantly screamed about the USA having been attacked on 911. When an attack occurs then someone or something has physically done something against a target. For people to have succeeded means that someone, or lots of someone’s, had to have failed for this attack to succeed. Why is the subject of who failed us - NOT of concern to those who say they wanted to get to the bottom of the events of that day?

The same people with the exception of the head of the CIA, who resigned, are still in place now. So how are we any safer knowing that these same dumbbells are still doing exactly what they did on 9-11, while we are supposedly waiting for a much larger attack that the government has decided will now happen to interrupt the elections. (Just exactly how is it that these same complete incompetents now suddenly: know this to be a fact)?

Watching the coverage of all this on PBS, was like being a fly on the wall at a Thanksgiving dinner. Here was this literal parade of criminals and liars sitting around chatting and nodding very calmly – and all because none of them would now be going to jail, to await their trials for treason. No tough questions were expected, none were asked, and it was all very ‘in the family.’ It was also clear that America has only one political party now, and that is the party in and of, POWER.

Why the hell should we be paying these incompetent and completely useless people to “govern” us when they have just proved to the world that they can manage nothing? They couldn’t even do a decent cover-up. They had the nerve to cite this government for a “failure of imagination.” Just try and imagine a government agent or agency that has ever had any imagination: That has to be a classic that should live in infamy!

They dottered and stammered around being very concerned not to damage any of the reputations of any their fellows, so focused were they, on assuring anyone who cared to listen – that no matter what “might have done that day, the attacks couldn’t have been stopped.”

But, they completely missed the point that was: Once the attack began, it should have been immediately interrupted and limited to the first hit on the trade towers. Laws were already in place to do just that – and there was never any clear or concise explanation of why the US Air Force failed to act on that day. Just as there was no credible explanation of why the president acted as he did, or whatever the hell happened with Cheney during those events. The head of NORAD should have been court marshaled, and the President and Vice President should have been dragged up before the Congress for cowardice in the face of the enemy. The only way that should not have happened, would have been IF this had been deemed a crime, and not a military attack by another country.

But since Bush insisted that this was an attack upon this nation by a foreign power, then he should have faced questions immediately about why these attacks were allowed to proceed for an hour and forty-five minutes with no visible American response to interrupt, or to stop this continuing slaughter. That lapse belongs squarely on the shoulders of the Congress and the people of this country.

What has been cleared up by this “inquiry” is that this country clearly cares not at all about the people who are this nation, or about the laws that were put in place decades ago to prevent just such an action, as we all witnessed on September 11th. The American public actually watched this entire attack, and did not react as a people that had been betrayed by their government, by their leaders, and by their armed forces – which is exactly what happened on that day! Too many were in shock, and the rest just went along with the plan.

Yes Mr. Chairman – there would have been hell to pay if your commission had actually gone after those who are still guilty of the failures on 9-11 – and that is what should have happened. Instead you chose to take this inquiry into the fairytale kingdom of abstract theoretical discussions, to arrive at feel good double-speak, about something that has changed the course of human events in the entire world. You and your cowardly commission will be remembered for you contributions to the New World Order. And you will forever be a traitor in the hearts of all who care about justice.

This is not a partisan view; this is about what happened, and what has not been done about what happened on 9-11. And the commission can now join the rest of those responsible for covering up the crimes committed on the day that was one of the blackest days in our history. It’s no wonder Bush did not take any questions, Mr. Chairman, when he met with you in the Rose Garden this morning – because someone might have asked him about some of the above? Nah - no one in that press corp. would have dared!


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