Tuesday, September 21, 2004

US and Israel Gunning for Syria

by Hassan Tahsin

The objectives pursued by the UN Security Council seem to have changed. Instead of working to solve international conflicts through peaceful means and safeguard world peace and security, the Council is now threatening UN member countries with invasion, occupation or at least sanctions. It is all done in compliance with orders from the big powers who are only interested in pursuing their own interests.

Our region has seen a few examples in recent weeks. Sudan was threatened with military intervention and toppling of its government. Then came Lebanon, which too was threatened with sanctions for no reason other than that of exercising its right as a sovereign nation to amend its constitution with the approval of its Parliament. Next was Syria, which was also threatened with military intervention and sanctions if it did not withdraw its forces from Lebanon. What was forgotten was that the forces were there at the request of the Lebanese government and Parliament.

Everyone in the Arab world is now asking if there is going to be a war and when. All indications are that Israel, led by a warmonger like Ariel Sharon, is finding the time ripe to launch a strike against those Arab countries that oppose its terrorism against Palestinians. It would exploit the fear of terrorism currently gripping the world and America’s hostility for Arab and Muslim countries to launch its war.

By all accounts, the next move by the US-Israeli axis would be to eliminate the Syrian Army, in the same manner that the US-led coalition destroyed the Iraqi Army. This is important given the strong relations between Syria and Iran, a country the United States includes in its Axis of Evil. Knocking out Syria would secure Israel from north and east, open the way for Jewish penetration and expansion in the region.

Israel now considers striking Syria a top priority. Until very recently there was not enough justification for such aggression. Then came the Lebanese move to extend the term of the country’s president prompting Western powers to force the Security Council to pass an illegal resolution, No 1556, thus putting Syria in the firing line. The Israeli plan envisages its own army hitting selected targets in Syria while the American forces would strike Hezbollah positions.

Just as US Secretary of State Colin Powell presented before the Security Council a pack of lies and forgeries drawing a scary scenario of the awesome arsenal of weapons of mass destruction that Saddam had stockpiled and which could be launched in 45 minutes as “justifications” for invading Iraq, Israel has unloaded its own slew of lies before the world body. It has accused Syrian President Bashar Assad of making alliances with extremist religious groups opposed to the American presence in Iraq and of supporting “Palestinian terrorism” in reference to the legitimate national resistance against occupation and also of cooperating with Iran and Hezbollah to threaten its security.

Israel accuses Syria of developing new types of weapons and other sophisticated military hardware and of training and arming the “terrorist” Palestinian resistance. It further claimed that Syria had identified some 40 military and civilian sites inside Israel to be struck and 11 Israeli commanders to be assassinated. In addition, Israel is collecting material to bring the Syrian president before an international court as one who supports terrorism.

It must however be stressed that America will find in Syria a situation totally different from that in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was hated in the Arab world, but BASHAR enjoys the trust and support of his people and those in the region. President Bush and his neocon mafia may lie to the American people, but after tasting the ferociousness of Iraqi resistance, they know that they can’t afford another “victory” of the same type. Attacking Syria means a war in the Middle East that would spare no one — America and Israel including.

These facts make it imperative that, no matter how complicated the problems are, solutions should be sought through peaceful means.



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