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Very Brief History: Begining with Origins of Zioinism and Acts of Terror and Espionage

By B.Syed

Member:Union of Concerned Scientists

1776, May 1. Beginning of One World movement or conspiracy, and also known as the birth of Illuminatti (or Mason Movement)

1790. French Revolution brought Weisshaupt's group evolved communism

1897 - First Zionists World Congress, Basle Switzerland, where Theodore Herzl laid out a plan for Jewish homeland in Palestine.

1905: the Protocols of the Elders of Zion appeared. Published in Germany by the former army captain Muller von Hausen (a friend of Ludendorff. The copy of the second edition (1905) of Sergei Nilus is in the British Museum Library.

1907: Zionist Palestine office established in Jaffa.

1916. May. A secret British-French accord was signed under the name of Sykes-Picot Agreement to divide Middle East between British and French occupied zones.

1917. Lord Balfour pledges the establishment of a national home for the jews in a letter to Baron Rothschild.

1917. First revolution in Russia - leaders Karl Marx , Outine, Hess Leibknecht, Bebel, Engels, Lassale, Lenin (real name Ulyanov), Trotzsky (real name Bronstei), Zinovieff (real name Appfelbaum), the anti-religious Jews start the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia

1917, Nov. 7. Second Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was financed by American Jews through the efforts of Nathan Rothschild who in 1814 had vowed to destroy Czar.

1917. International Zionism was having another victory in getting the British to establish in Palestine a "national home for the Jewish people." This was the work of one man, Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952) endeavored to establish a sythesis of both Zionist school of thought, and saw the opportunity to create a homeland for Jews.

1918: Hebrew University established.

1920. British Palestine Mandatewas recognized.

1922. Land East of Jordan was detatched forming a new state called Transjordan.

1933-1948 Jewish Agency sets up National Fund

1936-9. Civil War: The British administration of the Mandate by turns supported the Arab partisans and Jew. Haganah, the military voluntary Jewish underground formed to resist Arabs.

1939: Only 12% Jews in Palestine

1939: British plan (the White Paper) gave into Arab pressure.

1942. A Jewish Brigade of volunterers became part of the British Army (to gather intelligence). Jews trying to immigrate were sent to Cypress camps , which turned them to use terror as aweapon to get their way.

1944. The Stern gang, whose member wre Itzhak Shamir and Menachem Begin tried to kill Lord Moyne.

1946. Jewish pressure urged the opening of the borders to let more than 100,000 Jewish immigrants through.

1946, April 25. Stern gang kills 6 men from Sixth Airborne.

1946, June 22, King David Hotel blown buy Jerwish Terrorists of the Stern Gang and Irgun, killing more than 200 people.

1947. UN Special Commission on Palestine (UNSCOP) recommended partition of Palestine, approved by UN General Assembly and the Jewish Agency, but rejected by Arabs. This started an armed conflict and Arab Liberation Army occupied Galilee and attacked the Jewish Old City of Jerusalem.

1948. The British gave up mandate in May. Withdrawal of the British army and administration plunged the country into chaos and anarchy.

1948. Count Bernadotte, UN Official assassinated on Sept. 17.

1948, April 9. The worst and brutal massacre of Palestinian, men women and children occurred at the hands of Stern/Irgun terrorists killing more than hundred people and throwing their bodies in a well.

1948, 14th May. State of Israel declared, US was first to recognize and USSR the second.

1948-63. David Ben Gurion served as Prime Minister of Israel.

1949 to 1952. Chaim Weizman served as President of Israel.

1949. Separate armistice with Arabs signed. Jordan occupied the West Bank, and Egypt occpied Gaza.

1956, Oct. 29, Israel launches war on Egypt's Sinai, with the aid of British and French forces, a truce was signed Nov. 6.

1963. Pres. John F. Kennedy Assassinated in Dallas Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald, who was later killed by a night club operator, Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was terminated by induced cancer to leave no traces behind. Some people believe, Kennedy was assassinated because he was about to disclose the true nature of Dimona reactor as determined by U-2 aerial pictures (not a Textile factory as declared by Ben Gurion).

1967. June, Six Day War: Israel destroyed Egyptian Airforce, captured Sinia, West Bank and Syrian Golan Heights, and Arab Jerusalem.

1967, May 7, US Navy Intelligence Ship USS LIBERTY attacked by Isrealis in International waters killing 34 Americans.

1976. Israel raids Entebba, Uganda to rescue hostages.

1973. Yom Kipur war. Egypt attacks and retakes most of Sinai.

1974, Nov. 13, Karen Silkwood, killed in a road accident while on her way to disclose New York Times Correspondent about 8000 pounds of missing Uranium/Plutonium at Kerr-McGee Plant in Oklahoma City, which was transferred to Israel.

1977. Egypt's signs an accord with Israel's Begin

1977-78. Dr. Zalman Shapiro, of NUMEC in Apollo, PA, was accused of transfering about 75 pounds of missing Plutonium to Israel, but no action was taken against him.

1978. Abook by Dennis Eisenberg and Eli Landau, "Operation Uranium Ship" was published describing how Israel hijacked a German freighter in Mediteranean, and transferred several tons of Uranium ore in Cypress to an Israeli ship and stole it to Haifa.

1978. Israel attacked Lebanon, and killed thousands of Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps under UNRWA with the aid of Lebanese Philangists.

1979, April 6. Mossad operatrives blow up the core of a nuclear eactor at a French plant at Le Seyne-sur-Mere, near Toulon.

1979, Sept 22. VELA Satellite detects Israel Nuclear blasts oof the coast of South Africa in South Atlantic.

1980, June 14. Dr. Yahya el-Meshad, an Iraqi nuclear Scientists was found brutally assasinatedby Mossad agents in his hotel room, outside Paris, France.

1981, June 7. Israel bombs Osirak Nuclear reactor of Iraq.

1985, October 1, Israeli Mossad agents raid and bombed PLO headquarters in Tuniisia, killed 68 including top aid of Yasser Arafat.

1985, Nov. 18. Jonathan Jay Pollard and his wife arrested for spying, and transfering tons of Secret U. S. Intelligence Data to Israel through its Embassy in washington, DC. Convicted of spying and serving life sentence

1986. Olaf Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden Assassinated by Mossad agents.

1986, Sept 30, Isreali Nuclear technician, Mordechai Vanunu hijacked at Rome airport, Italy spending 18 years in Isolated confinment in Eshkelon Jail, and released in April 2004. he is still under house arrest and cannot speak to any foreign media folks.

1986, Oct. 5, Sunday Times published the photographs taken by Mordechai Vanunu at the Dimona Nuclear Bomb factory, where Israel is supposed to have amassed more than 300 nuclear weapons.

1990, March 22. Mossad killed Dr. Gerald Bull, a Canadian Ballistics expert, who was accused of building a supergun for Saddam.

1990. During Madrid Peace Talks, a right wing Mossad group planned to asssasinate George H. W. Bush (Papa Bush) according to Victor Ostovsky's book the Other Side of Deception.

1992, Dec. 7, Dr. Muayad Hassan Al-Janabi, an Iraqi nuclear scientist gunned down in Amman, Jordan in front of his familiy.

2001, Sept 11. Some sources reveal connivance of John O'Neill (who was killed in the twin towers of WTC) with Israeli intelligence, as acknowledged by his friends who were at the party till 2 AM with John on 9/11, who were told by John O'Neill that something spectucaltor was going to happen tomorrow. (Ref. Transcripits of "The Man Who Knew," on PBS-Frontline Program).

2004, March 22, Ahmed Yassin, founder of Hamas, assassinated by a missile rocket

2004, April 17, Abdel Aziz Rantisi. leader of Hamas assassinated with his two body-guards by a missile attack.

Moral from History: Violence in the genes of Zionists, also acknowledge in the Ptocols.

2004, August 27. CBS news announces presence of an Israeli Spy within Pentagon - Office of Dr. Douglas Feith, the # 3 man in DOD.


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