Monday, June 27, 2005

Democracy is the illusion

"Democracy is the illusion that you and I, combined,
have twice the political influence of David
Rockefeller, and Americans cling to this illusion as
fiercely as Linus does to his blanket. Despite their
insistence upon this principle, the will of voters
is no more a central feature of American politics
than it is in any other regime. If the electorate
was permitted to exercise a truly effective control
over the state, voting would be declared unlawful.
Statists share the sentiment expressed by a pro-EU
French politician who, after the voters rejection of
that constitution, declared that this issue was too
important and complex to be left to the electorate –
who could not understand the intricacies of the
constitution – and should be left to the
professionals who knew what was best!"


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