Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Big Lie--They're Fighting for Our Freedom

by Robert L. Johnson

Listening to Bush supporters who have come out to oppose Camp Casey and its
creator, Cindy Sheehan, it becomes painfully obvious how well a big lie
really works on the minds of millions. Some of them have lost family members in the
unnecessary war in Iraq that the neocons and Bush started. They can't bring
themselves to see reality--that their loved ones did not die for American
freedom but were instead used as pawns by the politicians and the powerful Israeli
lobby group American Israel Public Affairs Committee. For many people, it's
hard to admit when you are wrong, especially when the cost of being wrong is so

It's much easier to believe the government and the big lies they tell
and that the media protects.

The plutocrats who run the democracies of the world are great at lying. They
have fine tuned it to an abhorrent art. They are so skillful at lying, their
lies have become common knowledge to many millions of people. One good
example is the big lie itself. When a person hears the phrase "the big lie," they
usually think of Adolf Hitler. They regurgitate what has been fed into them:
Hitler said in his book he uses big lies to control people and to gain and
maintain power.

In fact, Hitler wrote that the average person is more
likely to believe a big lie than a small one because they themselves are prone to tell a small white lie but not a big lie. He then went on to condemn the practice
and blamed the Jews and Marxists for using the big lie technique. The fact that
the plutocrats have used this particular lie so successfully for so long that
people don't even realize that Hitler was actually condemning the practice,
demonstrates the power of the big lie technique and why the plutocrats still
use it.

When George W. Bush wanted to start the war in Iraq, he had to come up with
a big lie. He would not be able to get people's support if he told them the
truth, that he wanted to be reelected, and in a close election like he was
facing, every vote counted, so he was going to win some favor and votes in
the Jewish community by wiping out Israel's enemy, Iraq. (A


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