Tuesday, September 07, 2004

What If the Pentagon Spy Was a Muslim Spy?

By Ishtiyaque Ahmad
From India

The FBI investigating the Israeli spy do not want to speak to the media because the case is under investigation. The media is cryptic in linking the Zionist organization, AIPAC, in this sabotage case. The Israeli government is denying the involvement and stating that the report is a lie and outrageous. AIPAC is tossing a patriotic line that it does not involve itself in unconstitutional acts.

Imagine for a minute if the spy was a Muslim working for an Islamic country. If AIPAC was American Islamic Public Affairs Committee. Not only the FBI but all major news media across the US would have gone on rampage. The spy would have been convicted by the media and the public without any evidence. Commentators across the TV channels and newspapers would have found links between the spy, AIPAC, and Al-Qaeda without FBI files. Smearing campaigns against Islam would have been launched. All the Muslims in the US would have been asked to demonstrate their patriotism and condemn that guy for his involvement in espionage.

But the spy happens to work for the US sweetheart, Israel, under war architects Feith and Wolfowitz. They together invented the WMD lie in Iraq. They did a great job in manufacturing evidence linking Osama and Saddam, which resulted in the invasion of Iraq and slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis. They were all set to invent WMD in Iran and Syria, not in Israel where one has to only discover. One wonders what went wrong?

The episode for Mossad here again turned New Jersey way. The American public should at least understand how much damage this unholy nexus of Zionists, Mossad, and Israel has caused to their security. Involving US to war based on manufactured evidence is a war crime by itself. Israel has a direct involvement in dragging US to invade Iraq based on fabricated evidence. The US public should demand tough sanctions on Israel for jeopardizing their lives and national security.

Published in Al-Jazeerah on August 31,2004



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